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Vital Signs

Signs of life in today’s culture

I’m glad you’re here. My name is Cameron McAllister and I’m a writer and speaker with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM). It’s my hope that this site provides a robust challenge to the prevailing narrative of cultural decline and defeat that underlies so much contemporary reflection. I’ve called it Vital Signs because, counter to popular sentiment, I think our culture is filled with signs of life, true beacons of hope that are worthy of our attention.

What distinguishes this site from others of its kind is that the primary goal is not to critique, but to celebrate. Though thoughtful criticism and even polemics have their legitimate expressions, Vital Signs seeks to restore a sense of balance to cultural approaches that tend to yield results that are consistently lopsided. Even when correction is needed, we frequently devote valuable time and energy to criticizing works that we deem to be defective while failing to champion healthy examples that set the standard against which we determine deficiency. Many of the men and women shaping today’s culture are wrestling with the right issues, asking the right questions, and pointing (whether directly or indirectly) in the right direction, and I want to highlight their efforts.

W.H. Auden says, “The only sensible procedure for a critic is to keep silent about works which he believes to be bad, while at the same time vigorously campaigning for those which he believes to be good, especially if they are being neglected or underestimated by the public.” The guiding principle of this site is to “vigorously campaign” for the good stuff, the stuff that’s worthy of our attention, while ignoring the rest. Given the constraints of this “sensible procedure,” much of what transpires in the popular arena will go unmentioned here. This is because not everything that happens in the popular arena is worthy of our attention. Paying attention to what truly matters is a skill we are in desperate need of sharpening.

Moreover, I have come to believe that guarding what you pay attention to is a way of guarding the integrity of your thought. This site reflects that assumption.

In short, Vital Signs is a place to praise, celebrate, and champion the things that are worthy of our attention in today’s culture.

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