Understanding and Answering Islam


What are the foundational differences between Christianity and Islam?  Which is the real Word Of God? The Bible or the Qur’an?  Do you know what it costs a Muslim to consider Christ?

Islam is not distant.

Across Asia today, there are numerous growing, and even majority, Muslim communities.  Many of us have Muslim neighbors, coworkers, and friends. Moreover, radical Islam is on the move around the globe in ways we were woken up to on 9/11, and are constantly reminded of in global news stories. These developments provide the church with many evangelistic, apologetic, social, and political challenges. We are so glad that you are joining with RZIM in recognizing and seeking to respond to these challenges biblically and thoughtfully.

RZIM regularly gathers some of the world’s leading Christian scholars researching Islam, as well as some of the greatest contemporary apologists to Muslims. Our speakers represent a wide range of backgrounds – including former Muslims – and bring a wealth of academic and international ministry experience. Their teaching sessions are designed to take us on a journey covering many of the key issues in the Christian encounter with Islam. As always with RZIM, these conferences will marry apologetic rigor with gospel passion.

Our hope and prayer is that your involvement in these conferences will stretch your mind to understand the nature of the challenge of Islam. We long, too, for the Lord to enlarge your gospel heart for your Muslim neighbors and friends as we provide you with practical tools for lovingly speaking, and defending, the Gospel of Christ.

These events are designed for families, students, churches, small groups, and anyone interested in the questions raised by the interaction between Islam and Christianity. Please join us in praying for a wonderful time of spiritual renewal and greater understanding of our Muslim friends.

Our next Understanding and Answering Islam is being planned  for January 2018.

Visit www.understandingandansweringislam.com for more information.

Participants in our previous conferences are granted access to the audio files and additional materials.