Engaging Today’s Culture

How can you claim a good God in a world with so much evil? Has not science disproved that there is a God? What is truth? Who decides and how can we know?

The aim of an Engaging Today’s Culture seminar is to provide an introduction and overview of the role of evangelism and apologetics in our time. With years of experience and international engagement, ETC seminars show the lessons that Ravi Zacharias and the RZIM team have learned in sharing the gospel in various contexts.

ETC is typically comprised of two sessions, followed by a Q&A time, and then a conclusion.

I am convinced, in the words of C.S. Lewis—who in my estimation is probably the greatest apologist in recent memory—that the question of being an apologist is not so much in answering someone’s question whether you use an apologetic or not. Rather, it is whether the apologetic you already use is a good one or not. – Ravi Zacharias

Session One

The first session will broadly explore the nature and need for a clear view of truth, the role that worldviews and pluralism play in the struggle for interpretations, and how and why apologetics is therefore an essential discipline and practice to learn how to engage with people.

Session Two

After choosing a topic — the problem of pain, the uniqueness of Jesus, science and God, or anything of contemporary relevance and impact — will apply the Engaging Today’s Culture methods to it. The focus here is on an applied apologetic to a deeply felt issue or concern.

Question and Answer

The question and answer session will then relate both to the method and vision in session one and the topic as presented in session two.

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