South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS)

On June 9 2011, the RZIM Chair of Apologetics–the fruit of collaboration between SAIACS and RZIM–was launched at SAIACS at the CEO Centre.

Both the Principal of SAIACS, Dr. Ian Payne, and the CEO of RZIM, SD Reuben, want the training of effective apologists to take on greater prominence. Reuben expressed that with SAIACS’s track record of excellence and RZIM’s pursuit of more students studying evangelism, this relationship will benefit the church at large and impact the world.

The occupant of the RZIM Chair of Apologetics is Dr. Varughese John, a graduate of Union Biblical Seminary and a PhD from the University of Madras. He is a specialist in Kierkegaard studies with a keen interest in Indian philosophies, as well. Both SAIACS and RZIM pray that the seeds of God’s word sown through this collaboration will continue to bear much fruit.

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