Cultural Conversations

The Need

Although many Christians in the U.S. today live, work, and move within secular environments and perceive the need to influence their culture for good, many feel ill equipped to face the challenge. They desire to impact culture, but they don’t feel competent in terms of what the Gospel message really is, what it means, or how it relates to culture. These people need to be equipped and have their imaginations stirred on how to be a Christian of influence for the sake of the Gospel in today’s culture.

The Vision

The Cultural Conversations seminars seek to take the participant to a deeper level of understanding and commitment to the Christian message, how it relates to culture, and how to speak and act within the Christian worldview.

The Goal

Your church may customize the topics to maximize the benefit within the limits of RZIM’s capacity. This will allow the participants to be introduced to a specific area of need within your church/community. Much like the value of other RZIM events, this seminar allows a more in depth look at relevant topics of today.

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