How to Pray for RZIM Asia in 2017

Posted by Melody Loke on January 31, 2017
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We as a team are always so grateful for your support to share the truth and beauty of the gospel message across the region by engaging alongside at our speaking events, opening doors for our speakers, absorbing and sharing online content, and giving sacrificially to support the ministry. But our team relies on the Lord’s strength and your prayers to engage in the spiritual battle that wages on the front lines of evangelism, as we continue to advance and expand.

Here is a short video of each of our RZIM Asia team speakers describing how you can pray for the team as a whole and for each of them individually in the year ahead, as well as exciting events coming up. We invite you to join us in prayer. Let’s continue to partner together in this great eternal building project of sharing the gospel of Jesus. Thank you for standing with us!