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RZIM has been gifted with a unique blend of international speakers who understand today’s global culture. The Speaking Team’s diverse experience enables them to transcend national and cultural differences in order to engage audiences throughout the world with the beauty and credibility of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  A global perspective is insufficient, however, without a pattern of trustworthiness and respect. As Ravi often says, there is no use in offering someone a rose if you have just cut off their nose. The Speaking Team understands that without love, faithfulness, and personal integrity, the message of grace often goes unheard and so they seek to graciously represent Jesus Christ to every audience.

As you consider inviting one of our speakers, please peruse this website – especially the pages in the About section entitled Mission and Vision and Initiatives.  These will help you to better understand what RZIM is all about and what type of speaking invitations best fit our speakers and our mission.

Although RZIM does not require a speaking fee, we do request the inviting body to be responsible for travel expenses for the speaker(s). If you are inviting Ravi Zacharias to speak, we also request you cover travel expenses for his travel assistant as well. We also appreciate any honorarium given be made payable to RZIM, rather than to the speaker.

Prior to recording an RZIM speaker we require you to sign our media agreement which we will provide once your request is accepted.

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