New Podcast: Thinking Out Loud

Posted by Cameron McAllister on March 8, 2018

Thinking Out Loud About Current Events and Christian Hope

Let me tell you about a new podcast that I’m starting with my colleague and friend, Nathan Rittenhouse. Nathan’s the guy with the enviable beard, and I’m the one with the surly smirk.

It’s called Thinking Out Loud and our tagline is: “Thinking out loud about current events and Christian hope.”

If you’re having a hard time putting the words “current,” “events,” “Christian,” and “hope” together, this podcast is for you. Specifically, Nathan and I have noted a glaring absence of hope in many Christian perspectives on current events.

Let me just state the obvious: The news is often exceedingly bad and to breezily dismiss the dismal state of U.S. culture is naïve at best, downright irresponsible at worst. We have no intention of turning a blind eye to the many challenges that this nation faces. We’re not hopeless optimists.

However, both of us are Christians, which means that we believe the good news of the Gospel of Christ puts the turmoil surrounding us into proper perspective. What is that perspective? We would suggest that it’s summed up in the phrase “Christian hope.”

Christian hope doesn’t hide from pain and suffering, but it also recognizes that they won’t have the last word, that Christ will one day “wipe away every tear.” It’s this mindset that frames our discussions in the podcast.


Nathan and I believe it’s very important to recover this hopeful tone, both in public discourse and casual conversations. I think most of us can agree that the increasingly hysterical nature of much of our talk is infecting our mood—ramping up anxiety, impatience, and even aggression. It’s safe to say that the news is not a neutral topic. Be that as it may, Christians ought to be able to confront these issues with a more holistic perspective. Our aim is to model on the podcast, a kind of microcosm of healthy conversations, even when disagreement rears its ugly head.

Every other Thursday, Nathan and I will discuss the complex interplay between the news and Christian hope. We’ll try to keep our conversations around 20 minutes, but we can’t promise that we won’t get carried away occasionally. That’s what happens when you give two RZIM speakers a podcast.

If you’re interested in a realistically hopeful take on current events, we hope you’ll join us.

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