Bonus Content ft. Dr. Gary Habermas Included in RZIM Academy Summer Core Modules

Posted by Bethan Mingle on May 2, 2017

Thursday, May 4, RZIM Academy begins its 50th section of the Core Module. In just over three years, RZIM Academy has offered this 12-week course 48 times, and it’s preparing to welcome two new sections of students this week. To celebrate, Academy is giving enrolled students limited access to a bonus course featuring one-on-one conversations between Dr. Gary Habermas and members of the RZIM global team.

This bonus material will be available for a limited time to anyone who signs up for the Core Module beginning in May, June, or July. Students will have access to all 14 conversations when they sign up, and can continue to view those lectures until the end of the summer.

Feedback from students about the Core Module continues to be overwhelmingly positive. If you’re interested in learning how to better respond to people around you who have questions or objections about the Christian faith or if you would like to learn more about the rational grounding of Christianity, more than 94 percent of the 2200 students who have completed the Core Module would highly recommend that you sign up.

To register, click the links for start dates on May 4, June 1, or July 6.  You’ll be added to the “Conversations with Gary Habermas” course within one business day.

Scholarships are available here. For more information, visit or email [email protected].