Connecting the Dots

What does a young person do when she steps into the portals of higher learning and the new environment she finds herself in deems faith in God as unnecessary, if not outright foolish? Abandon the faith she grew up in? Keep her faith to herself? Or reason persuasively why faith in God is not merely a nice thing to have, but necessary?

Connecting The Dots is a one-year intensive program put together by RZIM Asia and seeks to prepare 15 to 18 year olds to articulate why they believe in Jesus Christ. Through a combination of lectures, Q&A sessions, and small group discussions students will explore what they believe in as Christians, why, and how to have meaningful conversations about their faith with those who don’t share similar beliefs with gentleness and respect.

From January 2017, this program will be launched in Singapore. RZIM will host a select group of students for 3 hours once a month, interacting with them on specific topics, teaching them to think through the issues and challenges related to the topic on hand. They will, along with their youth leaders, be encouraged to raise and answer questions in order to help them learn how to articulate why they believe what they believe in. RZIM will also make available a resource pack (including articles, lists of use books, links to videos and talks etc.) to help the students continue their study and develop a deeper appreciation for the truth and beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The questions that will be covered in 2017 include:

  • February 11: Is there a God? – The reality of God in the face of atheism
  • March 4: Is it possible to know God? – The knowledge of God in the face of agnosticism
  • March 25: Aren’t all views of God equally valid? – The truth of God in the face pluralism
  • April 15: Can we be moral without God? – The holiness of God in the face of relativism
  • May 6: Is God good? – The goodness of God in the face of evil
  • June 3: Who are you, God? – The unveiling of God in the face of speculation
  • June 24: How did it all begin? – Out of nothing, everything; cosmos created by divine intention
  • July 15: What does it mean to be human? – Out of the dust, man; humans created in the image of God
  • August 5: Why is there so much evil in the world? – Out of good, evil; human freedom & the violation of God’s moral laws
  • August 26: How do I know God is for me? – Into the darkness, light; the immanence of God & incarnation of Christ
  • September 9: Why do the innocents suffer? – In the face of evil, justice; the goodness of God & the cross of Christ
  • September 30: If God loves me, why do I still hurt? – In the face of suffering, hope; eternal life & the resurrection of Christ

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